6 Reasons Why You Need The Lazenne Wine Check In Your Life

August 24, 2018

6 Reasons Why You Need The Lazenne Wine Check In Your Life

Here at Lazenne, we're committed to helping you travel safely with wine, whether it be by car, boat or airplane. Whilst we offer a range of products to help you stylishly get your wine from Point A to B, our best selling product, and our pride and joy, is the Lazenne Wine Check. We're very proud to say that thousands of wine lovers around the world bring back their vinous memories with them using the Wine Check, and that it's available at over 100 different locations throughout Europe. Whenever we travel ourselves, you can be sure that the Wine Check is sat in the cargo hold of the plane, as we love nothing more ourselves than discovering new places, new wines and then sharing them with our loved ones.

So, what makes the Wine Check so popular? Well, it's a combination of factors really, some of which are obvious and some of which our customers discover after using the Wine Check for a period of time. To help you out, we thought we'd list some of the less obvious features here as it really is a versatile and stylish choice for wine transportation. If you already own a Wine Check, we hope that the below list will reveal some secret uses and if you don't, we hope it will inspire you to start your wine trip, safe in the knowledge that you can bring it all home with you!

Lazenne Wine Check Transport
The Lazenne Wine Check Is: Easy to Transport!

Our focus is on wine travel, allowing wine lovers around the world to visit wine regions, contact the most interesting producers and then to bring those special memories home with them in the form of wine. Needless to say, the Lazenne Wine Check is built with this in mind! Wine isn't the lightest of souvenirs so the first and most essential aspect of designing it was to ensure that it could be easily moved around. Whilst the Wine Check is protective, the materials used to make it are lightweight, with a padded case surrounded dense, styrofoam bottle protectors.

Better yet, easy-rolling wheels on one end of the Wine Check and a strap to pull it on the other, and even a full case of wine can be transported with ease around a busy airport. Not only that, but by keeping the materials as lightweight and strong as possible, a full case of wine falls neatly just below 23kg (50lbs) which is the hold luggage weight limit with most commercial airlines. Handy or what?

Worried about tariffs, taxes and duties when transporting wine? Let us put your mind at ease. Read all about it here in our guide to travelling confidently with wine!

Lazenne Wine Check Safety Romanee Conti

The Lazenne Wine Check Is: Safe!

The next most obvious element of the Lazenne Wine Check is safety. The case is designed to carry anywhere from 12-15 bottles of wine which are then going to go through the normal luggage handling process, which, as you may know, is rarely gentle. Fortunately, this is where the carefully designed padding on the Wine Check comes in handy. The aforementioned light but dense styrofoam bottle protectors have been rigorously tested, both in the lab and in the field, to ensure that regardless of any impact your baggage may suffer after leaving your care, your precious bottles will remain intact and safe inside. Don't believe us? Check the Lazenne Wine Check being field tested below:

However, an often overlooked aspect of wine safety, and we've mentioned this before, is temperature control. One of the design elements we're most proud of, is that your bottles retain a constant, safe temperature throughout your journey. When wine gets too hot, it accelerates the ageing process rapidly and over a temperature of around 24°C (75°F), wine will denature quite quickly indeed. The other issue of course, is very low temperatures, which aren't too much of a danger unless it goes much below freezing point. However, as one very unlucky customer in northern China discovered, these incidents aren't unheard of, and as the picture above shows, that's a very expensive ice-lolly! (Domaine Romanee-Conti – average price $15,000!). If only he'd thought to bring it with him using the Wine Check.

There's no point bringing your wine back safely and then not storing it properly. For more information on how to store wine properly and safely, read our guide to storing wine here. 

Lazenne Wine Check Storage
The Lazenne Wine Check Is: Easy to Store!

Unless you're jet-setting around the world continuously, it's important that the Wine Check can either have a functional use around the house or be folded neatly away. Fortunately, it can do both! Once you remove the dense, styrofoam bottle protectors, the Wine Check folds neatly and easily away, saving you space in the house.

However, several of our customers have discovered a far more innovative use for the Wine Check when it's not in the belly of an airplane. Remember the ability of the styrofoam bottle protectors to keep your bottles at a constant temperature? Well, whilst it's certainly not a replacement for a wine fridge, it's been discovered that the Wine Check makes for a pretty convenient holding point for bottles! Over the hot summer months, we've actually protected a few bottles ourselves for the short term, and it's been very useful having that bit of extra space. It certainly stops us having to fill our normal fridge with wine bottles!

For more information all about The Lazenne Wine Check, make sure to read our page here and watch the videos.

Lazenne Wine Check Variety
The Lazenne Wine Check Is: Multi-Functional!

Here at Lazenne, we talk about wine a lot. We love discovering more about it, tasting it and of course, sharing it! However, did you know that the Wine Check can also be used for other products? The bottle protectors, whilst designed for wine bottles, will also protect beer, olive oil, spirits, ciders and frankly any other sort of bottle you can fit in! We recently brought back some delicious Lambic beer from Belgium and they fit perfectly inside the Wine Check.

Also, did you know that you can use the Wine Check in a dual-mode? Often, we don't actually need to bring back a full 12 bottles of anything and would prefer to travel a little lighter. No problem! Simply remove as many dense, styrofoam bottle protectors as you'd like and use the space for normal luggage instead. A cunning plan!

Lazenne Wine Check Value
The Lazenne Wine Check Is: Great Value!

A Lazenne Wine Check isn't a one-use transportation system. It's a sleek, stylish wine suitcase that can be used again and again, on a variety of journeys over many years. In fact, we're confident that it may just be the single most cost-effective way to reliably transport wine around the world. Let's have a look at the options:

Shipping Wine (12 bottles from Europe to the USA) €180

Even without touching upon the issues of temperature control, safe packaging and missing deliveries, shipping wine is the most expensive way to get wine around the world. The average cost of shipping wine from a European country is €180, or a whopping €15 a bottle. It's often the case that the cost of shopping is more expensive than the cost of the wine itself!

Lazenne Wine Check (12 bottles from Europe to the USA) €120

For €120, you are now the proud owner of a Lazenne Wine Check, complete with styrofoam bottle protectors for your precious cargo. Now, to take the same sample above, the cost of a single journey is €60 cheaper, making a single trip cost €10 per bottle. However, as mentioned before, the Wine Check is a reusable solution, meaning that every trip you take, each bottle becomes cheaper and cheaper to transport. Take 2 trips with 12 bottles, and that cost per bottle becomes €5. 4 trips brings it down to €2.50 and so on. Before you know it, it's paid for itself!

There's a lot more to it than just value. Be sure to read our article on Why You Should Fly with Wine.

Lazenne Wine Check Value
The Lazenne Wine Check Is: Accessible!

One of our strongest commitments is to ensure that you can get a Lazenne Wine Check quickly and easily, particularly important should you find yourself without means of wine transportation during a wine trip. There are three ways to get yourself one of these wonderful cases:

Lazenne – The easiest way, of course, is to buy a Wine Check through our website before your trip and we'll ship it directly to your doorstep. Standard delivery to locations within Europe takes around 3-5 days and costs as little as €9.99! Check our our online shop here for more details, and do feel free to use the online chat option should you have any questions.

Partners – Visiting vineyards and wineries in Europe? Over 150 partners sell the Lazenne Wine Check around the continent, so you'll have a chance to grab one during your holiday, if you didn't manage to bring one with you! Whether you're in a wine shop looking to bring back a selection of bottles, or planning your next visit, make sure you check out our list of Partners.

Express Delivery – Did you know that we'll deliver a Lazenne Wine Check directly to your hotel or accomodation, whilst you're on holiday? How often have you found yourself on a trip and wished, at the last moment, that you had a way to get your wine back with you? Depending on where you are in Europe, we can potentially send you a Lazenne Wine Check within 24 hours! Check out our delivery service options here.

Lazenne Wine Check

It probably comes as no surprise to discover that we're excited about the Lazenne Wine Check and hopefully now you can see why! Whether it's the ease of transportation, the solid safety measures we've installed, the utility and variety of the case or its ability to save you money on transporting wine, there's a lot to love about it. Don't believe us? Scroll to the bottom of the product details and check the reviews from happy wine lovers around the world. Come and join a growing group of savvy wine travelers with our own Lazenne Wine Check! Cheers!

Did you know we also write travel guides for wine lovers? There are plenty more on the way but check below for a region or city you'd love to visit!

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