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March 21, 2016

Travelling with wine Internationally

We love helping people take those special bottles of wine back home from their wine holidays. After all this is Lazenne's mission and the reason we founded the company. We also love hearing from our fans, getting feedback from their wine travels, and making sure that their wine bottles get home safely and conveniently. Here are three recent reviews from fellow wine loving travellers, who used the Wine Check twelve bottle luggage carrier to bring back their precious wine bottles on the airplane, across the world.

Lazenne Wine Check in Piedmont, Italy

Juliana Dever, of travel blog, Clever Dever Wherever, took our airplane wine carrier for a spin bringing twelve regional bottles from Piedmont, Italy back to the United States on the plane.

"But now, my fellow wine travelers, we can toast a new traveling companion, one that safely totes 12 bottles of wine home from anywhere. I had the good fortune to try the Wine Check out in Piedmont, which was ideal because it’s the kind of region that overflows with excellent small production wines you can’t buy outside of Italy."

with the final outcome:

"Easy to wheel right into my kitchen to unload. It was like opening a treasure chest. Granted, I packed said treasure chest, but still… Each glorious bottle of my twelve handpicked Nebbiolos from Piedmont was in perfect condition, and it couldn’t have been easier to bring back."

Read here review titled, How to Pack That Amazing Wine in Your Luggagehere.


Jeff testing the Wine Check for Lazenne

Jeff Burrows, a seasoned traveler and food and wine lover, of foodwineclick blog, was looking to take French wine from Lyon, France to the U.S. He compared three options: shipping the wine from Europe, DYI wine luggage, and our Lazenne Wine Check.

"If you’re a wine lover traveling in a wine region anywhere in the world, you will undoubtedly want to bring home some treasures you acquired along the way. Like me, you won’t be satisfied with just one or two bottles you can sneak into your luggage. How can you bring home a bunch of wine, say 1-2 cases, without breaking the bank or alienating your traveling companions?"

the verdict:

"On our most recent trip to France, I was quoted 230 € per case from the Mailboxes Etc. (MBE) in Lyon. Pretty spendy, and according to this post, questionably legal. So if you want to take this route, be careful!"

"While the DIY bag was functional, it was a royal pain during the longer carries in the TGV station and especially at CDG. While it’s possible to carry, the handles are tight and the box inside rubs annoyingly on your leg, doable but not fun. Both bags contained wine shipper boxes, so the contents were well protected. After schlepping both bags through multiple train stations and airport terminals, we all decided a second Wine Check would be in our future. We’ll gladly pay for the convenience of well placed handles, a pull strap and wheels! (click on any photo below to see full size slide show)"

Read the full article, titled, You Can't Take It With You, or Can You? Wine Check here.


Fintan Kerr tasting Mendoza wine to fill the Wine Check

Fintan Kerr, founder of Wine Cuentista Wine Tasting in Barcelona, used our travel case to travel with 12 bottles from Mendoza, Argentina to Barcelona, Spain.

"The issue of travelling with wine could rightfully be considered typical of a First World Problem. However, if you’re a wine lover and you visit vineyards as part of your holiday plans, it ultimately becomes a highly irritating problem. Typically, you will be standing in the tasting room of a winery, discovering a beautifully made wine that you’ve never tried before and your first thought is; ‘It would be lovely to be able to get this back home.’ Your second thought is invariably drawn to clean clothes, completely ruined by a staining purple colour and shards of broken glass embedded in your underwear; an unfortunate way to end a trip."

his findings:

"In conclusion I have to applaud Lazenne for what is a wonderful product. They’ve taken the time to talk to winelovers who travel and create a solution for what is one of our biggest problems; so much wine and so little space!"

Read the full article titled, Travelling with wine: A very pleasant experience here.

Read more tips on how to travel with wine:

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